Justin Rubin
Founder and CEO

Justin Rubin has extensive knowledge of the real estate brokerage space, with over 5 years of selling products through real estate agents and developers as well as leading a top producing team at Douglas Elliman (Rubin and Morr). Justin is an avid reader and yoga practitioner.

Sawyer Waugh
Co-Founder, Engineering

Sawyer Waugh specializes in building computational analysis' across large data sets. Sawyer has a degree in computer science from the University of Pennsylvania (where he played rugby), holds a patent for ranking algorithms, and likes to spend time with his family and dogs.

Alex Johnson
Co-Founder, Operations

Alex Johnson specializes in building clustering algorithms and recognizing patterns in data. Alex has a degree in applied mathematics from Harvard, received his MBA from Vanderbilt, and is also a professional pianist, violist, and yoga practitioner.